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Forgiveness Outreach segment : To extend our veterans outreach of special acknowledgements (USA/VSA/VVSA certificates) to all of those who trained, took the oath and served our country.

For many people their number one concern is their health and how long they will live. We all want to not only live longer but we want to have mobility and agility. We want to add years to our life and life to your years. More and more research is being done on the negative impacts and affects of un-forgiveness (anger, bitterness, contempt, hatred and other hard feelings etc…) on our health. Actually this is like a war of life played out on the battlefield of mind -negative thoughts and feelings- are the # 1 enemies to the good physical and emotional health of our minds.

Per the time log, the Vietnam War ended on the battlefield in 1975 but some people are still fighting a very fierce battle. I am sure that in war-just like in life- there will be some unpleasant events and possibly a traumatic event. On this battlefield of the mind you could be accepting a role of an emotional hostage. Here is where we call on The Serenity Prayer. God please give me patience to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change what I can and the wisdom to know the difference.

In dealing with this event please keep in mind first and foremost: this is only one suggestion and not a one method cure all remedy. So with that in mind- the following is a five step approach in dealing with some event.

No more to be an emotional hostage- to add years to our lives and life to our years. More time to enjoy with your family, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, friends and a better quality of life.

To acknowledge/address/confront and/or overcome some event, we believe there are five parts/steps or phases to go through. Things will be different for each person. The most important thing is that you have someone that you can confide in and help you along and through your personal situation. For some people it may be five minutes and someone else it may be a much longer period of grief. Those are your choices and decisions. There are many available resources through the VA and many non-profit/volunteer organizations that are very eager to assist you.

1- Acknowledge the pain
2- Grieve the loss for a certain period
3- Forgive the person, other party or group
4- Forgive yourself
5- Determine to release the event and move on.

We all have heard the phrase forgive and forget. The healthy human mind does not forget anything for it is recorded. The challenge is recall. In determining to release the event and move on- what we actually need to do is change our response to the event. We all can think back as a child or even as an adult of something that we were teased or chided about. The teaser received pleasure from the reaction of the other person. When they noticed that it no longer annoyed you- they stopped and moved on to tease someone else about something that upset them. The moral of the story is to change from reacting (negative-external control) to responding (positive-internal control). It is our responsibility to develop the positive attitude (response-ability. We cannot totally control what happens to us but we do control how we respond to what happens to us by our attitude (be it negative or positive) Like playing the piano- this is a skill that we can develop with a lot of practice. From this we can learn from the experience the knowledge, lessons, insight, and understanding asking God Almighty for wisdom and help to move on to bigger and better things that life has to offer. The Serenity Prayer. God grant me the serenity. To accept the things I cannot change; Courage to change the things I can; And wisdom to know the difference.

Go to Google input forgiveness and healing. There is so much info available. You could also try releasenow.org  Do yourself a favor and check it out.

There is great emphasis on forgiveness. It has been well chronicled and documented about the healing power of forgiveness. By holding on the anger and hatred, you allow the other person to be in control of you. The person doing the forgiving is always the greater beneficiary. Forgiveness can be an access point to the Road to Healing. Go to Google input forgiveness and healing. There is so much info available. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

There are three certificates that may possibly help someone to bring closure to some concern. The USA certificate is for the families and friends of the Vietnam casualties and The VVSA certificate is for all who served during The Vietnam War Era. The VSA certificate is to acknowledge all other men and women who served in The US Military.

The VSA Certificate http://ourhelpinghandsministries.org/vsacert.html

The Mission:  to  H.O.P.E. (Help Other People Endure and overcome some traumatic event or stronghold life experience!! The Message: You answered the call of duty, you came, you trained, you took The Oath of Enlistment (to defend the Constitution and obey The Commander-In- Chief. You did your job as you obeyed and followed protocol. This certificate is a symbolic “Note of Public Proclamation, Restoration and Re-Affirmation” of your Honor and Dignity. This is to recognize each of you personally and all of you collectively as a group. Once again -You Did Your Job! Thank You For Serving Our Country!!

****Note—This segment has been directed at Vietnam Veterans but is equally applicable to all people in all walks of life. From the bed-room to the board room. From the husband to the wife- from the wife to the husband- from the parents to the child- from the home to other people and on to the world. Where ever there are two or more people, mis-understandings and mis-communications can occur. The needs for forgiveness is everywhere. We all have heard the expression that we must keep hope alive. As long as an individual has hope of achieving somewhat of a balance or fulfillment in these areas, that puts them in a direction of happiness. This is not destination or a particular juncture in life, but one continuous journey of a lifetime. As soon as they lose hope, that is a dramatic point in their life. Once again:  The Mission:  to  H.O.P.E. (Help Other People Endure and overcome some traumatic event or stronghold life experience!!




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